Our Story

Cassette first began in a lounge room. Charlie Goldsmith was doing basic design and print at age 19. We’ve come a long way since then.

12 years on, we are now a team of 30, with a real office, and we are working on jobs that are anything but basic. For a while we called Chapel Street home, building our foundations working with various clients in the local area from Bettina Liano to Kay & Burton. It was here where we developed our passion for Retail and Property clients, where the majority of our work currently comes from.

As we grew, so did our client base. However we continue to work with small to medium companies from many areas, not forgetting those who have made us the company we are today. We are now fortunate enough to work with bigger corporations such as The GPT Group, Forever New and Jayco. With this, we naturally extended into the digital space, offering a full service to all clients, no matter their size.

Currently you can find us in Richmond, servicing a client base of over 300. And we are proud to say more than 60% of these customers have been with us for over three years.Most recently, we’ve added a PR & Events Agency. We live in an even bigger office. We’re working with exciting new clients. And we love what we do.