Your Team

  • Charlie
    Owner & Managing Director

    Having started Cassette at just 19 years of age, Charlie is our teacher and our leader and his mission is to keep us healthy and happy. He solves all sorts of problems in all areas of Cassette and comes up with a million ideas in the shower every morning.

  • Jess
    Director & Partner

    From writing brand strategies through to Oprah-esque guidance during stressful times, Jess keeps the Cassette wheels well-oiled and in motion. Having joined Cassette over 5 years ago, Jess came with 8 years client side marketing experience and is passionate about the delivery of best in class marketing solutions for our clients.

  • Mick
    Creative Director

    In his role as Creative Director, Mick has been responsible for establishing and maintaining Cassette’s aesthetic vision for the past 10 years. Overseeing all creative outputs across four core disciplines in Property, Consumer & Retail, Travel & Tourism, and Health & Well-being, every project benefits from Mick’s signature style of clean, strategy led design.

  • Steve
    Print Director

    Architect by trade and fashion designer on the side, our large format manager Steve is a man of many talents. With modern design running through his veins, you might have once caught him entranced in Melbourne's latest industrial structure, while his latest collection made its way down the runway at L'Oreal Fashion Week.

  • Jess
    Communications Director

    An original member of Cassette’s #jesssquad, our Comms Chief is passionate about communicating clearly, simply and vibrantly, whether she’s preparing brand and PR strategies to help clients talk to consumers (something she’s been doing for 14 years), or chatting to the nice barista at the café across the road about one of her other passions, coffee.

  • Sarah
    Operations Director

    Ask Operations Director Sarah to describe her home life and automatically #Mumlyfe comes to mind, with two young boys (plus husband) keeping her on her toes! So it's no wonder she thrives coming into the Cassette office for a little bit of respite, where she also can explore her passion for organising everyone and everything in sight, nurturing new talent and enjoying the odd pinot at the end of a long week.

  • Elise
    Finance Director

    Elise has an extracurricular schedule to rival the best of them. She spends her nights learning Spanish, and her days either trying to eat every doughnut in Melbourne or having a hit of tennis – a past time she's been mastering for the past 18 years. It's a good thing for us she's able to juggle numbers as well as her calendar!

  • Andrew
    Print Account Director

    The best multi-tasker you'll ever meet - for a male. Also a brilliant photographer, Andy juggles the oversight of the print team, print key accounts, and everything in between like he's being doing it since birth.

  • Jenna
    Branded Environments Senior Account Manager

    Jenna has all the makings of a Melbournite – a foodie with an addiction to cheese, a shopping obsession that's keeping the retail industry afloat, and a craft addiction putting grandmas everywhere to shame. But our Branded Environments guru has also seen the world with stints living in Glasgow and London, and many more adventures on the cards.

  • Stephanie
    Print Account Manager

    She may be English but Steph is a true Aussie at heart. A beach lover and a fitness addict, Steph’s favourite pastime is exploring Melbourne’s healthy brunch scene…something she does without her two house trained mini lop bunnies who enjoy cuddles on her return.

  • Rachael
    Print Account Manager

    There’s almost nothing this Print Manager extraordinaire & super mum can’t do! Rach keeps herself occupied with everything from playing mum to baby Hugo, to exercising her creative flair in floristry or indulging her love of learning with the latest podcasts – which she’s regularly using to provide the team with a fact of the day!

  • Nat
    Print Account Executive

    With a Communications & Advertising background, Nat’s transition to print management fulfils a love of the more beautiful, tactile things in this space. A love that extends to her other passions too, making her our resident fashion and food go-to as she’s always up to date with the latest collection or café opening – two things she writes about in her spare time.

  • Adam
    Design/Print Production

    The studio/print team yo-yo while on the clock, after hours he is a dad of two. While spinning everything from Joy Division to Ice-T, Kubrick to Lynch, 80's road bikes to fixed gear. Adam is still convinced Miami Vice is the best TV series, and that one day he will be a New York Knick....Que Crockett's theme!

  • Alice
    Production Assistant

    A self-confessed Tasmanian Honey Connoisseur from Hobart, the uber talented Alice is the newest addition to our Production Team. When she’s not perfecting the perfect finish for our print work, she’s an enthusiastic illustrator and uses a risograph to publish her own zines and comics on the weekend. And if you happen to catch a glimpse of her sock collection you’re sure to be impressed!

  • Mia
    Studio Manager

    The Energiser bunny's got nothin' on her. Manages a hundred jobs in one day, and does. not. stop. Wears amazing heels the size of Rialto, which never ever slow her down.

  • Ebony
    Account Director

    The Melbourne property market never knew what hit it when marketing guru Ebony hit our shores. Originally from sunny San Diego, California, this fitness junkie, smoothies aficionado and pho phreak's experience both client and agency side makes her the perfect addition to the Cassette property team.

  • Bridget
    Account Director

    The travel bug has well and truly bitten Bridget at Cassette, having delighted in the sights and sounds of over 20 countries and counting. With a background covering journalism, PR and marketing there's not a product pitch or marketing brochure copy she can't craft, even while flipping through the latest issue of Vogue.

  • Bridget
    Senior Project Manager

    One of the quiet achievers of the team, Bridget's sharp mind and quick wit will often leave you guessing... or more likely, confused. But don't be put off, her approach to project management is more strategic and considered than her banter.

  • Christian
    Senior Account Manager

    Much like his native German auto counterparts, Christian appreciates the finest in quality and design. A helpful passion for this property guru who happily spends hours studying floorplans, following furniture trends, and sniffing out Melbourne’s best coffee.

  • Elisa
    Senior Account Manager

    Born in France, Elisa's lived in New Caledonia, studied Commerce in Sydney and worked in media prior to Cassette. Elisa now harnesses her experience to produce strategic and results-driven marketing campaigns for a wide range of property clients. Adding to her ying-and-yang vibes, Elisa is just as happy trekking in the outdoors, as she is satisfying her sweet tooth with a love of cooking in the comfort of home - red wine in hand of course.

  • Nwe
    Account Manager

    Cool, calm and cultured is Nwe in a nut shell. The most well-travelled member of the team, Nwe has lived in five countries, speaks three languages and is currently trying her hand at French. By day you’ll find her finessing client work and by night practicing Vipassana meditation, yoga or recreating her mums Burmese home cooking.

  • Eliza
    Account Executive

    Country girl Eliza certainly likes to avoid stereotypes. Instead of farm girl, think Elle Woods – Eliza too adores her tiny Chihuahua, Harlow, whose preferred method of transport is her handbag. But we’re ok with it as she brings this same out-of-the-box thinking and wealth of experience from her Sales, Marketing and PR background to the Agency team.

  • Merilla
    Strategy Director - Property PR

    If you can hear a booming excitable laugh or a cackle of laughter from out the front of Cassette, no doubt it's coming from our bubbly Property PR boss Merilla! A mum of two boys, Merilla brings an incredible passion for property and design, a strong knowledge of the industry and key players, excellent media contacts, and outstanding writing, pitching and negotiation skills that earn strong editorial coverage. 

  • Jen
    PR Campaign Manager

    Originally from London, PR Campaign Manager Jen made her way to Cassette via large scale events and mini festivals for the likes of Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate, MoMA and MPavilion.These productions influenced her passion for fancy dress, themed parties, and performance art and we’re excited to see Jen bring this creative inspiration to all our PR campaigns.

  • Jess
    PR Senior Account Manager

    Jess M-C has a serious case of wanderlust. A country girl at heart, she calls Melbourne home, and has recently returned after two years in London. Jess brings her accumulated experience to the PR team, and we’re so glad to have her back home – oh except for during summer, when we’ll be dragging her back from weekends in Lorne with family and friends.

  • Mietta
    PR Senior Account Manager

    While she may confuse us with her dislike of pancakes or donuts, there is no doubting Mietta's skills in the PR ring. A straight shooter who thrives on the adrenaline of red carpet media madness, you'll want her on side for your next big campaign, or whenever you need a tanning buddy at the beach. 

  • Crystal
    PR Account Manager

    Crystal may look sweet as pie, but this fast-talking, fast-walking New Yorker keeps us on our toes – literally, she’s a Muay Thai boxing expert! A Swedish national, this ‘global-citizen’ comes from the catwalks of NYFW to the sunny shores of Bondi Beach with a work ethic and love for PR that is second to none.

  • Rachael
    PR Senior Account Manager

    Rachael may be a part time adrenaline junkie but when it comes to hitting PR pitches, she never misses the target. Always flanked by her number one supporter, dachshund Gumboot. 

  • Gabby
    PR Account Manager

    Gabby was an intern so impressive that we created a new role for her, the minute she completed the internship with Cassette. She is a bright spark, a speed-demon and an incredible support to the PR team. She’s also handily an events specialist and loves a vino rosso, only at the end of the event of course.

  • Alana
    PR Account Executive

    Pocket rocket is the best way to describe PR Account Executive Alana. Small in stature but big in ambition, as an intern Alana impressed Comms Director Jess N so much she asked her to join the team full-time. When she’s not finessing media kits, you’ll find Alana enjoying summer strolls with her beloved dog Romeo in Sorrento.

  • Kim
    PR Account Executive

    Nature, yoga and a cat named Sushi are a few of Kim’s favourite things, but what we love the most is her recent career transformation from fashion brand management to PR go-getter. As they say, knowledge is power and Kim’s background puts her in good stead to work with some of Australia’s most reputable brands within the PR team’s consumer division.

  • Alexandra

    Coordinating 40 staff across three locations is no easy feat, but our much loved receptionist Alex does it with ease. No matter how tall the order or quick the turnaround, Alex delivers every time with that warm and sunny Queenslander smile. With that northern upbringing, it’s no wonder she loves to unwind in the great outdoors whenever she gets the chance.

  • Nat

    Nat is part of Cassette's finance department. She also does a marvellous job keeping Cassette well-fed, well-stocked, and most importantly - hygienic.