Your Team

  • Charlie
    Owner & Managing Director

    He is our teacher and our leader and his mission is to keep us healthy and happy. He solves all sorts of problems in all areas of Cassette and comes up with a million ideas in the shower every morning.

  • Jess W
    General Manager

    From marketing strategies through to Oprah-esque guidance during stressful times, Jess keeps the Cassette wheels abundantly well-oiled, and perpetually in motion.

  • Mick
    Creative Director

    Head of crayons. Mick has big red earphones and when he's plugged in, you know its business. His world is illustrated with original, clean concepts, the gym and alphabetically ordered design books.

  • Jess N
    Communications Director

    The newest Jess to join Cassette, this one is passionate about communicating clearly, simply and vibrantly, whether she’s preparing brand and PR strategies to help clients talk to consumers (something she’s been doing for 14 years), or chatting to the nice barista at the café across the road about one of her other passions, coffee.

  • Steve
    Print Account Manager

    Architect by trade and fashion designer on the side, our large format manager Steve is a man of many talents. With modern design running through his veins, you might have once caught him entranced in Melbourne's latest industrial structure, while his latest collection made its way down the runway at L'Oreal Fashion Week.

  • Adam
    Design / Print Production

    The studio/print team yo-yo while on the clock, after hours he is a dad of two. While spinning everything from Joy Division to Ice-T, Kubrick to Lynch, 80's road bikes to fixed gear. Adam is still convinced Miami Vice is the best TV series, and that one day he will be a New York Knick....Que Crockett's theme!

  • Ruby
    Account Manager

    Forget Jamie's Kitchen, it's Ruby's kitchen table you want to be sitting at for the freshest and tastiest treats to feed your soul. Ruby might be a straight talker as our real estate account manager but this self-proclaimed 'country bumpkin' goes as mushy as mashed potato when the topic of cooking or shopping comes up.

  • Bridget O
    Account Manager

    The travel bug has well and truly bitten Bridget (junior) at Cassette, having delighted in the sights and sounds of over 18 countries and counting. With a background covering journalism, PR and marketing there's not a product pitch or marketing brochure copy she can't craft, even while flipping through the latest issue of Vogue.

  • Gabby G
    PR Account Coordinator

    Gabby was an intern so impressive that we created a new role for her, the minute she completed the internship with Cassette. She is a bright spark, a speed-demon and an incredible support to the PR team. She’s also handily an events specialist and loves a vino rosso, only at the end of the event of course.

  • Mia
    Studio Manager

    The Energiser bunny's got nothin' on her. Manages a hundred jobs in one day, and does. not. stop. Wears amazing heels the size of Rialto, which never ever slow her down.

  • Alistair

    Our newest Designer Alistair is a lover of the finer things in life, well his version of it anyway. His love of craft beer, great coffee, fixies, and live music have him chasing perfection year round. He's also training for a half marathon, but honestly, he's been chasing that one for a while!

  • Natalie

    Nat is part of Cassette's finance department. She also does a marvelous job keeping Cassette well-fed, well-stocked, and most importantly - hygienic.