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Getting the Right Paper for Your Next Printing Project

Depending on what you are printing, you may want to use a specific type of paper to achieve your desired look. Here we’ll walk you through the different paper types for different printing jobs, and some important terms you may come across when purchasing your printing paper. Grade The first thing you need to know…
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13 Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out from the Crowd

A business card is an essential tool for all businesspeople. Not only does it allow you to give others your contact information, but it can also help you start conversations and build connections. A standard business card measures 85.60mm x 53.98mm, and a good one should be able to convey the overall image of your…
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The Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology of Colour

When people walk down the street, they see more than just a retail business or office, marketing materials, business stationery, product packaging, and clothing. What they also notice is the colours in which these things are presented. Psychology of colour Colour has a powerful subconscious effect on the way people perceive things, such as a…
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The WOW factor of Your Printed Pieces

How do you make your marketing material stand out from the crowd? Digital content and digital printing have made marketing much cheaper than in previous years, but expanding your budget a little to produce content with a “wow factor” can give you a high value return on your marketing dollar. The Print Industry Association of…
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