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How Do Letterheads Contribute to Your Business Branding?

aNever underestimate the importance of a well thought out letterhead design. If you consider all of the different situations in which people will view your letterhead, it will become clear that having a letterhead which is concise and professional reflects positively on your business and the way others perceive it.

Letterheads raise your customers’ brand awareness when displayed on contracts, invoices, letters, correspondence, and other forms of documentation sent out to your important clients and customers.

In a world where much of our correspondence is digital, many people wonder how relevant a strong letterhead still is. The answer to this – it’s very important! A personalised letter with a credible letterhead has a far greater impact on a customer than something that lacks branding or creative flair.

Here we’ll run through the different points you need to consider when designing your letter, to ensure optimal brand awareness and recognition is achieved on all of your company stationery items.

Simple, memorable design

You want to create a letterhead that effectively communicates who you are and what you stand for. Use attention-grabbing enhancements, but don’t overdo it. Remember that your aim is to communicate who you are as a company.

The important information to include in your letterhead

bYour letterhead should make it obvious immediately who the letter or documentation is from. Here are some important pieces of information your letterhead should include:

  • Business name: If your logo is abbreviated, your business name should be displayed clearly.
  • Company contact information: By looking at your letterhead, customers should be able to immediately contact you.

The design elements to consider

First things first, your company colours will need to be incorporated into your letterhead. Using colour can also invoke a feeling or relate to the particular industry you’re in. For example, if you are in an industry relating to seafood, you may choose to use the colours of the ocean in your letterhead design.

The second thing to remember is that less is always more. Keep your design simple by using no more than two fonts, and remember that the font needs to be inline with your brand’s image.

Ensuring readability

cYou want your letterhead to be easy to read. This means that using a light background with dark letters is the ideal choice. You don’t have to necessarily use black ink, but don’t print in light colours that could make it difficult for people to read your information easily. Make sure all fonts used are not overly fancy so as to distract from the information or make it difficult to read.

Letterhead sizing

A4 (210x297mm) is the standard Australia size of a business letterhead. This will ensure you’ll have room for your logo and perhaps some other design elements too.

Before placing your final order, make sure that you triple check your letterhead and order a printing proof first. This way you will have a tangible example of how your letterhead will look.

Letterheads are important for promoting ongoing business branding and awareness. Give your business the professional edge by designing a stellar letterhead that can be used on all of your company stationery.