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How to Design the Perfect Wedding Invitation

shutterstock_110427515When you’re planning a wedding there is so much to think about, not least of all your wedding stationery. This includes everything from your invitations to your save the date cards, thank you cards and place cards for the reception.

Here, we’ll go through some professional tips on how to create the perfect wedding invitations that compliment the style and theme of your wedding.

Where to start

Firstly, think about the different elements that need to be included in your wedding invitation. This will include the invitation itself, the envelope, and optional extras like an RSVP card, a card with directions on it, and perhaps a poem on a separate item pertaining to information of either the gift registry or the wishing well.

Design elements to think about

The three key elements you need to think about are scale, visual elements and text, and how you want all three to communicate your message. Remember, the main objective of your wedding invitation is to clearly convey the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, including important details like the date, time and dress code.

While visual elements look effective and are great to include, you also want to balance them properly with the text. The images should compliment the text, not crowd it or make it difficult to read.

Conveying the style and theme of your wedding

Your wedding invitation will not only convey the important details about your wedding, but it will also convey to the receiver the style and theme of your wedding. Think about this carefully during the design process. The font, embellishments, and print type should all reflect the overall theme of your upcoming special day.


Your wedding invitations should also reflect the two of you as a couple, so let your personality shine through as well.

Incorporating your colour scheme

11Before designing your invitations you should think about the colours you will be using on your special day. You can use these colours in your wedding invitation design, and then also continue to use them for other stationery item pieces. Using them like this will bring all of the elements together, which is what you want to achieve.

The shape and size of your invitations

There is no standard size for wedding invitations but keep in mind that by using a different size or shape you will also need to source appropriately sized envelopes, and this may incur additional postage costs.  Standard Australian sizes such as A6 (149x105mm) and DL (210x99mm) are common for envelopes and postage.

Invitation wording

Take your time to consider how you want to word your wedding invitations. Source inspiration online, and take your time until you are 100% happy with the way your invitations are worded. Double check them and then check again to make sure that there are no errors, and that everything that needs to be mentioned is included.

Save the date cards

If you are planning on sending out save the date cards, these are generally recommended to be sent out six to eight months before the big day. Give yourself plenty of time to view paper samples and for printing to take place. Once you have finalised your design, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to produce, depending on the style of printing you ordered.

The card and paper type you use

222The more formal your wedding is, the more luxurious and thick you want the card and paper stock to be. If you are having a fun, casual event, craft paper or coloured paper of reasonable thickness will be perfect.

Printing type and finishing touches

There are many different printing types you can use and finishing touches to include. Adding extra embellishments can really finish off your invitation nicely. For example, if your colour scheme is purple and silver then to have purple text with silver foiling will add an element of depth and style to your wedding invitation.

Print extras

It’s a good idea to add some extra invitations to your order to be printed. These are useful if you need to send another invitation out, or if you and other family members want one as a keepsake.

Designing your wedding invitations should be a fun process. Now you know all of the important elements and factors to consider, you should be able to design the perfect wedding invitation and additional stationery items that will compliment your wedding day beautifully.