We are a fully Carbon Neutral company.

We walk, we ride, and we carpool to and from work. We drink from glass bottles and we use Tupperware incessantly. We eat lots of green things and recycle all our waste, paper and plastic religiously too.

We believe in making a change.

We are always looking for ways to improve our environment. We have engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute to completely balance our co2 footprint by offsetting our carbon emissions. We achieve this through planting native trees and funding a variety of carbon projects. Which means every job you do with us is completely Carbon Neutral. In print, we use vegetable inks with offset jobs, and recycle all our toner tubes for all of our digital and large format work.

We recycle all paper waste so it can be turned back into recycled stock, and we sometimes even make paper airplanes. We also have access to a wide range of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified stock, and depending on your project, we have FSC certified options for print.