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Comic Sans: Why all the Hate?

Oh, Vincent Connare, your naiveté in creating the Comic Sans font is only matched by the naiveté conveyed when one chooses to use said font. It’s become glaringly obvious in today’s society that anything read with the typeface of Comic Sans should not be taken seriously; but why? Why so much hate for those playful…
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The Psychedelic Culture of 1960s Graphic Design

Following the newfound American Dream innocence of the 1950s, the 1960s shattered America’s innocence with the brutality of the Southeast Asia wars, a world-rocking presidential assassination, and a growing racial divide. Along with these shocking changes, American youth rebelled against the cultural norms with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Art and graphic design reflected…
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15 Words of Advice from Expert Designers

For today’s post, we’re going to skip the formalities of introductions and conclusions, and just present you a simple list of brilliant designers and their wise words of advice. Consider this a motivational kick in the pants. April Greiman: “My M.O. became about trying stuff and not worrying about the grid or the structure until…
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1950s Graphic Design and the American Dream

Pop Art changed American culture in such a profound way that it is still being produced and studied to this day. The style began as a rebellious shift away from abstract expressionism, an art form considered by many to be pretentious and overly grandiose. The cult term ‘camp’ entered the American lexicon, an esoteric description…
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What Your Logo Shape Says About Your Business

Your company logo plays a prominent factor in helping customers to both recognise and identify with your product or business. The word ‘logo’ comes from the Greek term ‘logos’, which basically means ‘word’. And in a very real way, your logo is a visual one-word description of your business offering. Designers use shapes to represent…
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